Insurance can be confusing, so we’ve put together this listing of providers we have contracted with, as well as those we can and cannot accept.

If your provider is not listed, or you have questions as to whether a specific procedure is covered, please contact the business office at (985) 801-6250 for assistance.

    Accepted Insurance Plans

    Aetna (1)
    Benefit Management
    Blue Cross  HMO, PPO, Federal, Traditional(2)
    Coventry (FIRST HEALTH)
    First Health/Boilermakers
    Humana Gold
    Office of Group Benefits (OGB) (Blue Cross)
    People’s Health
    PPO Plus
    State Group (Blue Cross)
    Tricare (1)
    United Health Care (UHC)
    Vantage Health
    Worker’s Compensation

    (1)Fairway Medical Surgical Hospital does accept patients with out of network benefits
    (2)Fairway Medical Surgical Hospital does not accept Blue Cross Connect and Humana HMO-X at this time

    For billing and collections questions, please call: (985)801-6250.