With the growth of computers and the use of technology in healthcare, the field of radiology has exploded. A typical diagnosis requires dozens of tests from sophisticated CT scans to traditional EKGs and lab services. Fairway Medical Surgical Hospital can schedule all of our diagnostic and laboratory services together for outpatients offering you unprecedented convenience in an environment dedicated to outstanding care.

You’ll find we have the latest digital equipment for CT scans, ultrasound and X-rays as well as a Picture Archive Communication System, or PACS.

The PACS system enables us to view, store and/or transmit digital images instantly for faster interpretation both here and offsite.

Among the tests we perform are:

  • Bone X-Ray
  • Chest X-Ray
  • General CT Imaging
  • Cardiac CT Scanning
  • CT Angiography

We invite you to schedule your next radiology procedure at Fairway Medical and discover the difference the region’s premier imaging center can offer.

Aquilion™ 64 from Toshiba CT Scanner

The Aquilion™ 64 from Toshiba CT Scanner

Our newest CT Scanner, The Aquilion 64, delivers blazing speed, greater clarity and more anatomical detail than previously thought possible. As a result, we now have the ability to make an accurate diagnosis at earlier stages, which means patients can begin receiving treatment sooner for potentially better outcomes. With the coverage and speed of the Aquilion 64, we can see significantly more patients and offer more noninvasive procedures than before.