The goal of reconstruction is to create breasts that look natural and balanced when the patient is wearing clothing.

Our breast reconstruction center of care is designed to provide patients with the most convenient, comprehensive experience possible. Plastic surgeons work closely with the breast surgeons at Fairway Medical Surgical Hospital to offer a holistic approach to breast reconstruction.

A breast reconstruction procedure recreates all or part of a breast that has been surgically removed. The reconstruction is done using an artificial breast implant, or tissue from another part of the patient’s body.

Breast reconstruction is often a staged process, performed simultaneously with mastectomy. However, is not unusual for a breast reconstruction to be performed as a separate procedure. The complete breast reconstruction process may take up to one year.

The goal of reconstruction is to create breasts that look natural and balanced when the patient is wearing clothing.

Implantation Reconstruction

The implantation procedure typically begins when a tissue expander is placed during the mastectomy. A tissue expander is a temporary, inflatable implant. The temporary implant is inflated by your plastic surgeon shortly after surgery.
Usually three months after your initial surgery, the temporary implant is removed and replaced with your permanent silicone or saline implant. Nipple reconstruction, when chosen by the patient, is performed after the placement of the permanent implant.

Autologous Tissue Reconstruction

An autologous breast reconstruction uses the patient’s own body tissue to rebuild the breast. The autologous reconstruction processes offered are DIEP or Latissimus Dorsi Flap.


During the DIEP flap procedure (also known as TRAM), skin and fat is harvested from your lower abdomen similar to a “tummy-tuck” and used to reconstruct your breast tissues.

Latissimus Dorsi Flap

The Latissimus Dorsi Flap uses skin and muscle from your back to reconstruct your breast tissues. While the initial surgery is generally longer, more of the procedure is accomplished.

The Right Option for Your Life

You and your plastic surgeon will discuss a number of factors when choosing the reconstruction method best for you. At Fairway Medical Surgical Hospital, we believe in providing our patients with the information need to make an educated decision about the surgical options best suited for their body and their lifestyle.

No matter what procedure a you choose, our world-class plastic surgeons and support staff will care for you with expertise, compassion, and respect.