Our Mission statement is not about us, it’s about you. When you come to Fairway Medical Surgical Hospital for your healthcare needs, you, like everyone else, probably experience a little anxiety and restlessness about what the next few hours will bring.

Our Mission statement is not about us, it’s about you.Scott Boudreaux, CEO

Greeting you with a smiling friendly face, is just one of our ways of putting you at ease and hopefully making your time here at Fairway Medical Surgical Hospital stress free.

We want you to be comfortable knowing that our expectation and requirement of every Fairway Medical Surgical Hospital employee is to provide superior service to you.

Working alongside our Friendly Faces and helping to provide Superior Service are our Physician Partners. We are proud that so many physicians with so many options choose to treat their patients at Fairway Medical Center. They partner with our employees to create a team that results in Outstanding Outcomes for those of you who come to Fairway Medical Center.

Scott Boudreaux, CEO

Friendly faces providing superior services working with physician partners resulting in outstanding outcomes.The Fairway Mission